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We make the energy transition successful

Wind power is the crucial factor in the energy transition. More than 28,000 wind turbines ensure that Germany will not depend on fossil fuels anymore. However, many of these wind turbines today are past their prime. The expiration of the initial feed-in remuneration could make wind farms in many locations unprofitable. In some places, repowering the farms with new turbines is the best option, in others, existing farms be given a prosperous future with professional management. Owners are facing a difficult decision: Is continuing operationsprofitable despite the end of the feed-in remuneration for wind energy, or do they need an alternative?

Re-Wind aims to solve this problem. We offer wind farms a profitable future. Because we want Germany to sustainably produce more energy from renewable sources. To this end, we aim to acquire wind turbines at the end of their regular term. In Re-Wind, owners of wind farms will find a reliable partner at eye level. Thanks to our extensive experience in the German wind energy market and solid financing, Re-Wind ensures a good future for wind farms at their current locations. Together with local partners, we guarantee that Germany’s wind farms won’t be closed but will be continuously und sustainably operated to make the energy transition a success.


We are successful

Re-Wind has already successfully completed several transactions. Some examples of completed projects and our plans for the respective wind farms can be found on our map.